• Greater testing efficiency

    It is part of our business. We know from experience that many firms just pretend to test. Many issues are ignored or skipped and the employees - testers - are under pressure from their employers. We approach testing with responsibility and are pretty proud of our work. Moreover, the team harmony enables faster work and its distribution among experts in each phase of testing.
  • The customer is always right

    This is the motto which we apply to you, our customers. As much as a restaurant customer appreciates a little bit more from the waiter, so we meet your special requirements within our possibilities.
  • Satisfaction of our people

    We are not merely co-workers, but also friends. The salary is important, but so is the satisfaction with the working environment and the work carried out. Our team consists of people united by the same hobby, i.e., testing, but also by common interests and natures.
  • Open communication

    We like to talk in relaxed and open way. Do you ever encounter unexpected issues? This sometimes happens - we do not immediately start calling the lawyers or brandishing contracts. We prefer to do all we can to resolve such issues to the satisfaction of both parties.
  • Constant improvement

    We can always be better. We collect experience in our work and in the work of other professionals. We keep improving our processes and expanding our knowledge database. We believe that this activity has added value for our clients as well as ourselves.

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