Types of testing

The most frequent types of testing we carry out

  • Automated testing

    Carried out for larger systems that are gradually developed. Thanks to the easy abd fast start-up, we use them mainly for regressive, load and stress tests:

    1. front-end testing

      automated testing of graphic UI

    2. interface testing

      most frequently integration tests using protocols such as SOAP/REST

  • Manual testing

    Used mainly for small systems where we need to test an application for which further development is not anticipated:

    1. smoke tests

      fast testing of any application to verify the basic requirements

    2. prototype testing

      in this testing, the tester's practical experience and domain expertise can enhance the user-friendliness of the application

  • Static testing

    This testing helps eliminate potential errors before the start of the development. It does not require launching of the software and can serve as a support activity during its development:

    1. verification of requirements

      methodical verification of the requirements as regards their accuracy and testability

    2. documentation testing

      checking/creation of user manuals and other documentation

How will you benefit from cooperation with us?

  • Quality check

    Thanks to us, you can assess the condition of your software and see if the cooperation is really beneficial for you.

  • Trust in the product

    Through testing, you will increase the credibility of your product and reduce the risk of failure in actual operation and the accompanying financial and other losses.

  • Data for further use

    Data obtained during the testing can be used for your further decision-making or planning a new strategy.

    You will also get:

    1. Summary of detected errors
    2. Documentation of our work
    3. Financial benefits

    And other data according to the type of your software.

  • Individual approach

    We know that each partner has his or her own wishes and needs, so we design the services with an added value, which you will appreciate. By scaling, we will adapt the individual steps to your complete satisfaction.

  • Experience

    We can detect some error even before the start of the development. We know what works well and will hand it over to you.

  • Cooperation

    We seek success together because of our satisfaction sterms from your satisfaction.

  • View from outside

    We will view the tested software through the eyes of the end user. Everybody has different needs; we will identify them and use them during the testing.

  • Competitive advantage

    And time saving thanks to a team of testers who share information and their expertise.

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